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The Power of GIVING

December 1, 2019

Laws of Nature, by default are the most powerful thing I have ever experienced on this earth. Believe it or not, they do exist on this planet from past so many centuries; from the moment the idea of this world was conceived in the mind of God for the very first time.

Yesterday night, while reading another book from my favorite author and great astrologer Linda Goodman, I just came across a unique concept and till then this intriguing thought is arousing my senses. The idea was regarding the power of giving. According to Mystique money law given by her in that book, she stated that whatever we give to others comes back to us double-fold, and sometimes even threefold or fourfold. So, we should develop the habit of ‘giving to others’ and sharing our things.

Now, just to leave aside the philosophy and coming down to practicality for better understanding let me quote an example. Right from your first birthday to your wedding reception, to your promotion party and so on, you always get a lot of gifts and every time you try to return favors to all those people who gave them to you.

Similarly, when we help someone, Law of Nature makes sure to do some favor for us and thus the whole universe helps us in pursuing our specific dreams. This is a vicious circle and it keeps on becoming stronger with each repetition of any kind of ‘giving’ on our part.

Most of you would have noticed this thing that when you do somebody a favor by giving him some money or helping him out in some other problem from his work or life, you feel an inner peace and then suddenly out of nowhere you yourself receive a very happy news regarding your own ventures.

So the idea of this whole article lies in the fact that, indeed Nature is supreme. It rules this earth and who so ever has learnt to make peace with it, lives pleasant and content life. As he shares everything around and in return Nature showers him with its choicest of blessings. So, let’s develop this habit of ‘giving’ and ‘sharing’; and let the Nature play its own role.

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