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Truths about Deception: A new approach

December 1, 2019


Have you ever wondered that why do people deceive others? Do you sometimes worry about flirtatious attitude of your spouse? Is it tough for you to resist chocolates, ice-creams, junk food and all other kinds of sweet and fatty foods? Do you know even a single person who is not afraid of snakes? I know most of you would not be able to make any connection among all these questions. But believe me guys; they are as interrelated as eyes with their lashes, trees with their roots, children with their parents and sooo on. Hope you have got the drift. 😉

The fact is that there are various truths about deception, which are buried deep inside the process of evolution. Let me first talk about our eating preferences. In past thousands of years ago, in the hunting age; people who used to have cravings for sweets and fat items, they had to hunt harder for these things. Which means they had to walk for longer miles, had more tough lives and needed to show great hunting skills. As the years passed away, these were the very same people who got stronger and powerful bodies, because of their rigorous work-outs in the form of hunting. So, inevitably those were the persons who used to live for longer periods of time. Obviously such long life-spans made them produce more off-springs and their future generations carried on their genetic structures including their peculiar food-preferences too. So generation after generation, only those people are surviving and passing on their genes to next generation, who eat sweets and fats more. And today if we look around ourselves, we all are carrying the lineage of those peculiar eating habits sans all the physical activity. Result is obvious- accumulation of fats around our waistlines and countless tooth cavities in our mouths.

Now, let’s move on to second scenario which states that why do we all fear from snakes, when the chances are that no one of us has ever encountered even a single snake in our entire lives. The answer has its roots again in the evolutionary process. In past, when people were living in caves and forests; those ancestors of ours who used to fear from snakes, may be were more cautious while trespassing through unexplored areas or while picking up something from the ground etc. So, chances are that they had lesser accidents with snakes and fewer snake bites. And since others died because of their fearless natures, these fearful people lived longer and passed on their genes more by producing more children. So today, almost all of us have that particular gene in our bodies, which prompt us to get frightened from a snake. But unfortunately we don’t realize that there are very lesser percent of people around us in today’s times that actually die from a snake’s bite. But, daily a lot of people die because of automobile accidents. Even then we don’t fear from cars, trucks, cell phones etc. The reason is obvious again- we don’t have the genes to show fear from these deadly objects.

And now we may come to the main focal point of this whole article, that why do men and women cheat on their spouses? We all know that man by nature is not monogamous. And today, when society forces us to acknowledge the institution of marriage and monogamy; technically it is against the law of nature. Now let’s get back to evolutionary process. In earlier times when polygamy was acceptable, people produced more off springs because of the more active sexual lives. And even when the institution of marriage finally emerged, those who were cheating on their partners and were involved in sexual promiscuity; reproduced more in numbers. Thus their genes were carried forward to future generations by more than a single mean. So in short, today many amongst us have those genes of cheating and deception imbibed right in our bodies. That’s the reason why some people can never stay away from flirting and cheating on their partners. It’s in their genes that they can’t get contentment from one partner and that’s why always desire and look out for more options.

So dear friends, it’s all about the genes and evolutionary process. Hope you would be having a new perspective to view these issues from now onwards. But, I must say that no matter what does theory of evolution says; infidelity is definitely wrong. Noting is more brutal than hurting your partner’s feelings by cheating on them. True Love has always been pure and sacred, so leave it in that way only! 🙂

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  • Prince Sharma

    Hey.. congrats for this lovely website.. I liked your photograph and personal description although your eyes are bulging out a lot. ha ha. This article is also very interesting and scientific. Offcourse I have to like it.

    • shruti

      Thanks dear for liking my work. Do keep coming back. 🙂

  • Aman Gill

    nice work done shruti…….nvr evr thought so deep……gr8 going ahead!!!!!!!keep sharing such wisdom

    • shruti

      aww thnx aman 🙂

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